​As a certified nutrition coach I help health-minded people who are looking for that extra push to improve their diet sustainably and combine healthy food with a busy life. Get ready to learn, be inspired and change, one bite at a time.

I was lucky to be raised by a health-conscious stay-at-home mom in a house that always smelled like homemade bread and cookies.

But things changed when I was about ten and my mother got a full-time job. Processed meals like pizza, lasagne, and canned ravioli made their way into our lives. When I left home for university I had no interest in food whatsoever and all I cared about was to satisfy my hunger on a budget.

By the time I’d started working I was suffering from major digestive issues and often felt tired. A nutrition book opened my eyes and step by step I took control of my diet and managed to fix my gut issues. I felt so much more energized and became passionate about healthy cooking.

Today, cooking has inevitably moved from passion to necessity and meals have to be quick and approved by a demanding 3-headed jury. Now it’s my turn to raise a healthy nest on a tight schedule, just like my mom and the majority of health-conscious parents.


Why I Became a Nutrition Coach

From the day I realized how food could fix my digestion, energy, and overall wellbeing, I developed an ever growing interest in nutrition.

It wasn’t until 2013 when I quit my corporate job that I realized nutrition had become more than a hobby. During my 6-months career break I spent most of my free time on food and health blogs, visiting farmer’s markets and experimenting with new recipes and ingredients.

Soon I felt the urge to dig deeper and I decided to study nutrition at Bauman College.

Today I want to give back and share my knowledge with others through individual coaching, health workshops, and recipes and health articles on this blog.

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