Receive warm support and clear guidance

on the foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes

that will best support you and your partner on your journey to conceive.

Trying to conceive comes with a whirlwind of emotions and questions. It’s a vast jungle and it’s perfectly normal to feel confused, especially with so much conflicting advice from the internet and well-meaning friends and family.

I’m here to reassure you and take you by the hand to help you find clarity in this nutrition maze. Luckily there are tons of studies confirming the positive impact of nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes on the chances to conceive for both men and women.

As a nutritionist specialized in fertility, and a certified hormone expert, I’ve helped many couples and solo women get pregnant whether they were conceiving naturally or going through IUI, IVF, or egg donation.  

Here’s my promise to you:

  • Feel supported every step of the way so you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself
  • Know which foods, supplements, and habits can truly enhance egg and sperm quality, and the chances of implantation 
  • Let me help you identify the possible root causes of your subfertility so we can work in a targeted way
  • Get all the tools, including delicious recipes, to help you integrate what’s best for you into your busy life (don’t expect strict diets, meal plans, or calorie counting) 
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and be supported by a fertility nutritionist at each stage of your journey! 

Nutrition coach for moms
Nutrition coach for moms

What does working with me look like?

STEP 1 – COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT (of both partners involved)

Every woman and man is unique with her and his own background, aspirations, habits, and questions. To truly understand your needs, our journey starts with an in-depth health audit. This process includes a diet journal analysis, online questionnaire, and a review of blood test results. This foundational understanding ensures I tailor my approach to best serve your unique needs.


👉🏻 Fertile Ground Program: This is what most of my clients choose. It comes with my full support throughout the whole journey. During 4-6 months, we will make sure we leave no stone unturned, and work on every aspect of your (and your partner’s) health to achieve hormonal balance and optimal fertility.

This program includes:

– The assessment described above

– Regular update calls (every 3 weeks)

– A tailored supplement plan 

– Access to an online recipe library, handouts, and tools

– Continuous WhatsApp support between sessions.

On demand and included in the program, we can add a meal planning workshop and a continuous glucose monitor test during our time together.  


👉🏻 Fertility Boost Package: this package is for you if you’re undergoing IUI or IVF and have extensively researched and prepared for this phase, but would like my expert review of your current diet and supplements plan, to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything.

This package includes:

– The assessment described above

– One 90-120 minutes session (for you and your partner if relevant)

– Written supplements plan

– Ongoing Whatsapp support for two months post-session


  • Whatever you choose, I’ll be by your side on this important journey, helping you make the best decisions to improve your chances to conceive.  

Truly nourishing your body is the single most impactful decision you can make today

to empower your fertility.

Nourish yourself with confidence!

Are you trying to conceive?

Let’s chat about how I can help you confidently navigate this nutrition jungle,

and boost your fertility

What OtherS Say

Amélie combines her passion for nutrition and deep knowledge with a wonderfully supportive and holistic approach.

Her friendly approach made me feel really supported and gave me tips and tricks I can easily apply to support my fertility journey.

Anna P.

If you have the opportunity to work with Amelie, do it! Her practical approach combined with customised advice makes the process truly accessible, in a way that other nutrician programs aren’t always. Highly recommend!

Helen A.

Great support through my fertility and IVF treatment! Really boosted my body and my confidence throughout the process 🙏 …

Andie S.

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