Nutrition Coaching FOR MOMS

“Regain your health & energy,

and balance your (and your family’s) diet

without hunger or overwhelm.”  

Motherhood is a gift.

But let’s be honest, it can be wildly overwhelming and brutally exhausting at times. Being a working mom of three, I know how easily we forget to take care of ourselves, especially in early motherhood.

But here’s what I believe and experience: “Healthy moms have happier children”.

Yes! Because the right nutrition will boost your energy and mental wellbeing, improve your immunity and rebalance your oh-so-confused-hormones. And that alone makes us better moms. 

But I can hear you think… “I don’t have time to make healthy meals, I don’t even have time to floss right now.”

I get that. I’ve been there too and have helped 100+ moms like you improve their health and diet without spending much time in the kitchen. 

Working with me will actually help you save time because besides helping you feel healthy and energized, I’ll teach you how to plan and prep your meals, and take away the mental load of the ever-repeating question “What’s for dinner?”. 

So, here’s how I can help you:

  • Find out why you’re always tired, because that’s the key to feeling your best
  • Feel more energised, which is crucial if you want to keep juggling 5 balls at the time (which I’m sure you are!)
  • Boost your immunity, so you stop wasting your precious time on being sick
  • Balance your hormones and mood, which will make you a nicer mom, partner, daughter, colleague…
  • Lose weight sustainably and stop dieting once and for all
  • Stop craving sugar and carbs by rebalancing your diet
  • Find tons of family-friendly recipes and inspiration, for quick and easy meals everyone will love

Yes, it’s time to start taking care of YOU!

Nutrition coach for moms
Nutrition coach for moms

What does working with me look like?


Every women is unique with her own background, aspirations, habits, and questions.

Therefore, I will start by getting to know your past, current situation, and goals through a detailed audit, diet journal analysis, and blood test review (optional), that will enable me to help you in the best possible way.

The assessment is followed by a 90-minutes intake session to discuss your health situation, goals, and nutrition plan in detail.  


After this we will meet at regular intervals, every 3 weeks.

In each session we discuss how you can work your way towards achieving your personal goals, whether you want to feel less tired, lose weight, fix your gut, or manage an autoimmune disease. 

Whatever your wish(es), I always focus on getting lasting results that work for YOU and fit into your busy life. No lengthy recipes, no separate cooking just for you, no scales (for food nor yourself), no calorie counting, no need to eat things you don’t truly enjoy, no hunger, and no “strict diets”.

Instead, we’ll rebalance your diet once and for all while truly nourishing your body with delicious and healthy foods.

Too good to be true? Read a few experiences from my clients below.

Yes, it’s time to take care of YOU my dear! 

Let’s talk and see how I can help you feel amazing and energised

and become the best version of yourself,

without spending a lot of time in the kitchen and without ever feeling restricted.

What Others Say

Finally I found a coach who helped me lose weight in a healthy way.

Amélie focuses on slow and long-term weight loss and I never felt judged or criticized.

I feel more energized and balanced and keep losing weight. I loved it!

Marion G.

Amélie is very family oriented and understands post partum nutritional needs like no other.

She helped me find a meal planning method that works for me and my family

Highly recommended !

Coline V.

She is a great coach, she helps with many tips and shows genuine interest in one’s issues.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Amélie and I fully recommend her as a coach and one with whom results don’t wait to show! 

Claudia G.

“Let me be the last nutritionist you’ve ever worked with wink.”

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