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Choosing the right prenatal supplements is more important than you might think...

If I were to become pregnant again (which I have no plans to with three healthy children), I’d pay extra attention to taking the right prenatal supplements.

In my first two pregnancies, I blindly followed my gynaecologist’s advice, which wasn’t tailored to my bloodwork or diet.

But with my third pregnancy (while studying to be a nutritionist), I delved into researching prenatal nutrients. It was a challenging task, but I wanted to find the right supplements to match my personal diet and needs.

This knowledge gave me confidence, knowing that my baby and I were getting all the necessary nutrients, even on days when I was too tired to cook, or too nauseous to even think about food.

As a result, I felt more energetic, had no deficiencies, and had a smoother post-partum recovery compared to my first two.

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"Getting the right nutrients is like laying the foundation
for your baby's lifelong health and well-being."

Individual Coaching

Let me guide you on this daunting quest

Navigating prenatal supplements can be overwhelming, as they aren’t one-size-fits-all approach.

In my nutrition practice, I create personalized supplement plans, carefully tailored to each client’s diet, health, and blood results. 

With countless brands on the market, all claiming to be the best, many prenatal vitamins can end up being a waste of money and may even be harmful. 

A startling revelation by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that several popular options contain undesirable ingredients, such as artificial colors and synthetic fillers

Certainly not what you’d want for your growing baby!

Feeling lost in the world of prenatal supplements?

This power masterclass is for you!



In just 1 hour, you’ll learn everything you need to confidently choose the right supplements.

“Prenatal Power” will help you…

"Give your baby the healthiest start:
Learn exactly which multi and supplements you need in just 1 hour"

Here's what you'll get in the "Prenatal Power" Masterclass



Let’s break it down.

Here’s what you’ll learn in "Prenatal Power":

VIDEO 1: Why should you take supplements when pregnant?

VIDEO 2: How to choose the right prenatal multivitamin?

VIDEO 3: Do you need to take extra supplements?

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Hey (future) mama!

I’m Amélie, a mom of three and a passionate prenatal nutritionist based in Amsterdam. Over the years, I’ve guided 100+ women worldwide, helping them enhance fertility, enjoy a healthy pregnancy, nurture a strong baby, and smoothly recover post-delivery. 

I studied holistic nutrition at Bauman College and expanded my knowledge studying prenatal nutrition at the University of Munich. I’m a research nerd at heart, so I ensure my coaching sessions and masterclasses are backed by solid, evidence-based practice. 

My fluency in English, Dutch, and French has helped me work with moms all around the globe. 

Above all, my passion lies in showing women how the right nutrition and supplements can help them feel their absolute best during the most significant stages of their lives. 


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